I’m in a better mood today.  Time away from the toxic wasteland that is Twitter has helped that.  The Vindication I feel from all the replies I got here helped put everything in perspective.  Yesterday crushed the blog’s best views stat by 20% and daily likes by 50%.  And that previous best day was when I begged twitter to look at the blog to help me break a former record.  I picked up 4 new followers also

Views are great, but it’s the comments and likes that really made my day.  I’m resilient and bounce back pretty quickly.  It’s a survival trait combined with pure redhead stubbornness.  That said, it always helps to know people empathize or outright agree with you when you’re at a low spot.

I know I’m growing as a person too.  My usual response to getting shut down on something in the past has been “screw it, it’s not worth the drama” and walk away.  This time I’m determined to prove them wrong.  I know I’m a good writer.  It’s easy to hide behind “haters going to hate”, but I’ve had past enemies admit to others that they destroyed my writing out of jealousy.  Am I Hemingway, or James Patterson?  Hell no, LOL.  There are areas of my writing that need serious work.  On the other hand I’m great with plot and character development.  I also have a solid grasp on grammar and how to structure a sentence.  When I have a better mastery of things like show, don’t tell, avoiding white room syndrome and a couple other things, I KNOW I’ll be successful.

For those following the blog here; Thank You.  It means alot to know people find me worth reading.  I do my best to follow back people and comment or at least like posts also.  The major exception being if you’re a prolific writer and are posting several times a day.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with everything then.  As it is, I’m averaging 2 hours a day on the blog and related emails.  It’s worth it though.  You’re all real people to me and I value your support


12 thoughts on “Vindication

  1. So, I mean no offense, and absolutely no judgment! But just wondering what someone with erotic interests likes about a predominantly Christian blog.


  2. I’d ask why they have t be mutually exclusive, BUT I’ve seen how some people with erotic interests treat people with religious convictions. Some of us are tolerant and can compartmentalize our kinky side though. 🙂


    • I get it, and I think that’s what caught my interest in your blog. You seem rational, open to said deep discussions, and not possessed of the ‘us vs them’ burn everyone at the stake mentality that permeates the internet today.

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      • I have my standards, beliefs and morals. I can talk about most anything. I try my best to be understanding. But! I refuse to be “us vs them”!


  3. Awesome post, I talk about it alot on my blog but it seems so prevalent in today’s society that we get knocked back by criticism and get totally thrown off our path as to Why we started this journey in the first place. I didn’t start writing to be told I am a great writer or that I am a bad writer. I did it because when I begin to write I enter another dimension, completely devoid of the voices of others. Where time it self is irrelevant. But I lose it all the time. You read my post today and even commetented it is a struggle everyday to remind myself Why I am doing something and if I really love it than I will have no choice to get better because I want to do well at what I love to do. That is human nature. From what I have read of your stuff thus far you are a very proficient writer. Keep it up, we grow from pain. And judging by the background of the blog sometimes we enjoy pain as well, haha.

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  4. I’m glad you’re having a better day today. You’re a strong woman and a great writer. Keep doing what you’re doing and moving forward with everything. You are very important, and you know you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. I am happy to follow your blog, and look forward to more from you.

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