About the Site:

Most of this was said on the home page, but…

The blog here is completely adult oriented. I write erotica with just about any setting you can imagine. I appreciate that many people prefer “real world” settings, and there are such stories here with more to come. Other stories will have more exotic settings. One common element is that I try to craft stories that have plot and real, relatable characters, as well as sizzling hot, passionate love scenes.

I also do my best to create stories with appeal to both men and women. That means I do use visual descriptors like bra sizes and body shapes that are more detailed than most woen care about. Men are visual creatures though, and those kind of details excite them. Likewise, women prefer the focus on emotion and sensuality, so I strive to add a boatload of that as well.

In short, I strive to combine the best of both worlds instead of focusing on the differences and attacking a portion of my potential audience.

About Silk Cords (i.e. Me)

Full disclosure; absolutely NONE of the pictures on this site are me. I don’t pretend to look THAT good, lol. One of my rules here is that I do NOT discuss myself in anything but the most general terms. There are two reasons for that

First, I’ve had multiple bad experiences due to the internet, up to outright stalking. So for my own safety and those around me, I don’t discuss myself, and I won’t share pictures of myself. Absolutely NO exceptions

Second, and closely related to the first, there’s a stigma in the minds of some people regarding writing erotica. I don’t want to deal with that in real life either.

Lastly, a little mystery just might sell a few books when I start publishing. 🙂

I still try to be polite and friendly to everyone, and I have revealed a few very general things about myself in the past, such as that I love to cook and am recently married.

Rules for Follows:

I have a couple of very simple guidelines regarding if I’ll follow another site:

First, have content I’m interested in. I have a wide array of interests, so your odds are decent there.

Second, if your site is in a foreign language and is NOT a photography site, you need to have added the Google Translator widget. I can’t ‘Like’ content if I don’t understand what’s said.

If you’re negative and do nothing but complain and whine in your blog, I won’t follow you

Lastly, if you’re just trying to get me to follow you to add to your count and intend to drop your follow here right away or never reply to anything here, don’t bother.