Character Bios

This Page is going to house a directory of biographies (with pictures in some cases) of characters from my various stories, most notably my Witchfire series. Other stories will be included however as they develop. Maria from Cops & Robbers is very likely to end up here for starters.

Witchfire Heroes

Witchfire – Final Revamp; Sept 2, 2020

Nancy Peye (original concept by Deanna Troi)

Pari Singh (coming soon!)

Mister X’s Original Characters Page

Amazing Babe (Original Concept by Mister X at DBC)

Battle Sprite (Original concept by Mister X at DBC)

Omega Woman (Original Concept by Mister X at DBC)

Witchfire Villains

Golden Qilin (original concept by Deanna Troi)