Welcome to my blog.   This little spot hosts a variety of erotica.  Most of it has a sensual domination flavor to it.  Some of it will be mainstream, and some of it will be fan fiction from science fiction, fantasy and superhero settings. 

In all cases, my goal is to present decent plots, reasonably believable characters and steamy, passionate sex scenes.

This blog is an import of select content from my old blog, and an attempt to create a more professional, focused site. Because of that, you’ll find story pages and blog posts going back almost a year already.

Now a small blurb about me: I’m an aspiring professional author who has been writing for decades. My writing has progressively improved, and I’m building my skills towards finally getting published.

To keep it simple, this is an attempt to create a “platform” where I can put a little more polish on my skills and grow my audience. Because of that, constructive comments, criticism and feedback are definitely encouraged.

Why fan fiction & comic books for some stories?

First, only SOME of my work here will be fan fiction. Mainly, it’s an opportunity to build my writing skills while maintaining my own pool of fresh ideas for actual publishing.

Fan fiction type work also has the advantage of an established backdrop and theme that readers are familiar with. They can also be fun when done correctly.

Yes, I know that most fan fiction and superhero stuff is bad writing. I take it as a personal writing challenge to be able to do better with a genre that most ‘writers’ bomb in however. I strive to write stories that the normal person will enjoy… on multiple levels. 😉


I have a few simple rules of behavior here, intended to keep the blog friendly for all:

  1. Treat Each Other and Me the Way You Want to be Treated
  2. If Adult Material Is NOT Your Thing, Please Politely Move Along
  3. Constructive Feedback, Comments & Suggestions are Always Welcome
  4. Adult Humor and Comments are OK, so Long as They’re Not Completely Crude or Tactless. We’re not very PC here.
  5. I do screen comments from new readers, just to make sure you’re being polite.
  6. Please Keep Comments Reasonably On Topic.
  7. No Politics or Current Events Related Drama Disguised as a Comment
  8. I Do NOT Reveal Personal Details About Myself and Am ONLY here to write. Please respect that I value my safety.

Failure to follow the rules, especially the first and last, may get you banned. I’d much prefer we all have fun here instead of me having to play the heavy. Nuff Said.

With all of that said, welcome, and enjoy. Tell several friends too. I need the positive publicity.


One thing I almost forgot. Unlike some sites, I do understand you may not want to open a NSFW email notification at work or where your kids might see. Here’s my commitment in that regard to readers:

First, I will adhere to the WordPress TOS. The site WILL have nudity, but no visual portrayals of sexual acts.

Second, I’ll do my best to make sure any nudes will be put on a separate page and not in a blog post where the picture could end up in your email. WordPress doesn’t always cooperate there however.