I’m (not) Famous!

Just a quick update.  I had a downturn in views over the last week.  Holidays will do that I suppose, but it went back up to 17 yesterday.  Not bad considering a tweet when I post a new story is all the publicity I go for.

I jokingly say I’m famous now because I got my first referral from Google.  The big bad privacy invader knows I exist, LOL.

Work wise…  I’m trying to keep up with my once a week Witchfire story segments.  That last one was too bloody long though.  But as I’ve said previously, the whole point is to get more practice.  I’m putting out the stories so fast that I don’t feel I’m getting writing practice (in terms of improving sentence structure, etc…) but it is helping my imagination and just being able to put a general story together as I try to put myself in the characters’ shoes and spin a plot as well.

This upcoming week I’m working on a rewrite of the Halloween story I did that ties in better to the main Witchfire series.  I’m also working on what I hope will eventually be my first published for sale story (ie NOT fan fiction).  Depending upon time and mood, I may even get other things written.

By the way…  Interesting note for my fellow readers and bloggers: My VPN blocks the “Like” button from showing up.  It doesn’t affect the Comments options at all though.  Go figure…  I have to shut off my VPN to give folks a “Like”, so if you get one, rest assured I meant it.  🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m (not) Famous!

  1. Well, It’s really only a matter of shutting off the VPN long enough to give a Like, but I’ve been around computers long enough to loath doing so, LOL. New posts to Like also always seem to come in when I’m on a roll with my writing also. One of Murphy’s laws of writing I suppose. 😀


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