What a Train Wreck! AKA WordPress Strikes Again

Ok, so I paid my fees of $22 USD to maintain the blog’s old name, but really wasn’t willing to drop almost $100 to keep the premium status on the blog. Eliminating the ads would be nice, but the price is insane!

Anyway, for a week I was fine. WP unlocked the blog again and I could function. I come back late last night and find out it’s ALL been derailed. SilkCords.blog is now silkserotica.wordpress.com and ALL my site formatting is completely lost. The place is set up like some Yoga site now.

Yes, I’m pissed.

It took me going into the ‘Manage Domains’ tab to find out WP was happy to take my money, BUT won’t let the PAID FOR domain name be the actual primary domain unless I pay for a premium plan. Of course they didn’t mention this while holding this blog hostage for a week before I paid the $22 for the domain name. Then, on top of everything else, WP trashes the blog’s format completely?!?

At this point, WP can kiss my arse. They won’t get another dime out of me.

I’ve been working hard on background notes and story outlines to try to avoid getting derailed again, and was getting set to post a few character renders, and now I have to spend half the night trying to fix the blog’s formatting.

Between the world’s crappiest editor / post formatter and customer service like this, is it any wonder so many bloggers are up in arms? This is what happens when you allow a company to get too big a share of the market. Just like Amazon and MicroSoft, WordPress doesn’t give a damned about individual customers.

Writer’s Blues…

Warning: Rant Ahead

Here I sit trying to get some writing done and life once again has me at my wit’s and creativity’s end. Adding to my frustration is the fact that every time it feels like I start to get some forward movement, life comes along and decides to screw with me. It’s been this way my entire life too. Enough so that part of me wants to scream every time I see an article saying “Just trust God and work harder / smarter”. At some point, both faith and work are supposed to pay off…

I get good at cooking, and I suffer hearing damage so I couldn’t function in a professional kitchen… I tried to do real estate and all I got for clients were idiots who thought they were going to find houses at half the market price and become HGTV’s next big investor, AND my back acts up enough to keep me from doing even that also.

Well, to cut the rant short, this time it’s the back and neck still, stresses from crime in the neighborhood, drama with prep for moving and communication issues that should NOT be there so early in a new marriage.

Erotica is probably one of the more difficult genres to write well. To write ANY genre well, you have to be able to put yourself into the story and see it through the characters’ eyes. You have to connect with the story on some level.

To put it bluntly, it’s REALLY hard to feel sexy (and thus write sexy) when you’re surrounded by drama and your spine feels like it got stampeded upon by a herd of elephants.

End of Rant…