Witchfire Costume Round 2

NO NUDITY this time

I wasn’t in the mood to write last night, AND a friend’s reaction to Witchfire’s new costume was “Not bad for a first attempt”.  That prompted a moderate redesign of her look.  Body wise, she now has a large tribal tattoo and longer hair.  I admit, I was worried about her turning into a stereotypical anime waifu, but let’s face it, nice hair is sexy, and being in her early 20s, Witchfire IS going to be worried to a degree about looking good.



Her hair is mean to look more flowy and a little curly (wavy) which is how I always envisioned it, even if not this long.  The tattoo…  I thought it looked cool and figured in terms of a plot device, I could say it’s a visible, magical manifestation of her Fae heritage.

Now as for the costume itself…  I have two mask options here:



I’m torn on this one.  The butterfly mask is a bit more mysterious and can be rationalized as representing her Fae heritage also.  The other mask feels less… busy, but it’s also kind of plain.

And here’s a look at the whole outfit.  Not much has changed beyond what you’ve seen.


Oh and a quick look at her in some civies (street clothes) also:


So I’m curious what everyone thinks.  Is the new look better than the first attempt?  Which mask is better or should she go without?  Does the more wavy hair work, and how about the way it frames her face now.  The “bangs” were what I struggled with most trying to get something that felt right.

Constructive but honest criticism only please. 🙂

The Once and Future Witchfire

I’m working at getting life back on track and being able to get into a writing routine again.  As the headline indicates, I haven’t forgotten Witchfire as part of that writing.

Looking over my story this far, I’m mostly happy with it.  I see enough hastily put together sentences with poor structure, and points in the story where stress took me off my intended path, that I’m torn on what to do with the stories.

A small part of me would like to just reboot from scratch and see what I can do better.  That kind of feels like reinventing the wheel however.

The second option is to simply move forward, and do better.  That in and of itself has some merit as a writing challenge or exercise.

A third option would be to split the difference, have Witchfire sent back in time, and see how much of the existing past she can actually correct before we catch back up to the present.  That’s all I want to say about option 3, as anything more would amount to spoilers.  There’s potential for exciting plot twists there however.

So, what do you my readers think?