Witchfire SPOILER! (G Rated)

I’ve been second guessing my decision here all night while answering email and catching up with other blogs. BUT, I know some of my readers are actually waiting for erotica from an erotica blog… Bizarre concept… LOL

Since it has been figuratively forever since I posted anything sexy beyond Witchy’s costume pics, I’m going to give out a very general plot spoiler for what’s upcoming. Who knows? Maybe it’ll even drum up some excitement about the serial. 😀

In the most general terms, the reboot plot will be this: The time travel will be completely accidental, and occur as the result of collateral damage during a battle. Witchfire and ComixFana’s character Sully will be sent back in time to the moment Witchfire was first sent to the Delta City reality. They will NOT have an easy go of it however, as a couple of villains will also be sent back in time accidentally.

The net result will be that we will have heroes and villains both with advance knowledge of the next few months of the future. Both will be determined to change things to their own liking and derail the other side’s efforts as well.

At first, each side will think they have it made. Both will have to contend with the other’s efforts. Both will find out that things aren’t as easy as they’d hoped either way. Even when they get what they want from an event, it may not end up with the result they predicted. They may just find out also that despite their best efforts, that the universe has a way of seeking a balance.

Balance or no, nothing will be the same again as heroes and villains race to shape the future.

Witchfire, originally viewed as an insignificant oddity, will now be known by the villains to be a legitimate threat to their plans thanks to the information from their time travelers. Deanna Troi’s character Nancy Peye will also be in increased danger as things move forward.

Witchfire New Costume

I spent all last night fooling around with 3d modeling software and got a new look for Witchfire.  Most of you following the blog already know this as I also did some half and completely undressed screenshots as well.  That was SUPPOSED to go onto a separate page so that it DIDN’T go out to followers, especially those who might be offended by such images.  Leave it to WordPress to decide it knows better than me if that should be a page not a post though.  *headdesk*

All I can say there is I’m sincerely sorry folks.  I was attempting to do the opposite of what happened and then I had intended to put a link in this post so that people who were curious could look.

Anyway…  Here’s the actual new costume:

I designed it to be a tiny bit more modest than the Morrigan statue that I was using as a rough guide, but still sexy enough for adult stories.  She’s unique now and I’m happy about that much.  A few changes happened along the creation path also.  She now has bluish green eyes and her hair is significantly longer than before, going all the way to her tush.  I chose a hair style that was relatively simple though, as Krystal isn’t the type to spend all day on her hair.

In a few minutes I intend to edit in proper pages for better looks at the costume and correct my goof from a few minutes ago.  Links are as follows:

Witchfire’s New Costume  (PG rated)

Witchfire Out of Costume (NSFW, 18+ ONLY)