New Character Biographies Posted

I’ve been working on a handful of character biographies for my Witchfire stories. First, I started with Witchfire herself, and cleaned up some of her weaknesses and powers. Subtle but it’s there. I also changed her top back to a corset after finding one in the character builder that I liked, and cleaned up her hair. I liked the idea of wavy hair for her, but the pieces I put together for her last style just didn’t blend together smoothly at all.

The new look is simple, clean and comfortable, although I do still wish I could have gotten a bit of a wavy look to it. The new look follows my belief that keeping things simple is usually better though. Speaking of which; here’s her new costume:

The corset should be easier to get in and out of. Important in naughty stories. 😉

Aside from Witchfire, I did biographies for three characters created at (where all this madness started, lol). Witchfire’s girlfriend Amazing Babe has a biography now, and I expanded upon the existing mini-biographies for Mister X’s characters Omega Woman and Battle Sprite.

For Amazing Babe and Omega Woman, I used pictures from DangerBabeCentral to show their costumes, then created some renders for their street clothes and less.

Battle Sprite was a one story character who only appeared for a few panels at DBC. I decided to challenge myself to make her into a more legitimate character. See for yourselves how it worked.

Note also that all the biographies have an intimate details section at the bottom. The measurements are because I write for men and women. The rest is notes for me to help keep each character unique when I get to the kinky parts. Readers can use the info to get a little better understanding of each character.

Tomorrow, since I’m getting close to publishing again, I’ll talk about the concept and goal behind the Witchfire series, and a tiny bit about where it’s going.

Witchfire Costume Round 2

NO NUDITY this time

I wasn’t in the mood to write last night, AND a friend’s reaction to Witchfire’s new costume was “Not bad for a first attempt”.  That prompted a moderate redesign of her look.  Body wise, she now has a large tribal tattoo and longer hair.  I admit, I was worried about her turning into a stereotypical anime waifu, but let’s face it, nice hair is sexy, and being in her early 20s, Witchfire IS going to be worried to a degree about looking good.



Her hair is mean to look more flowy and a little curly (wavy) which is how I always envisioned it, even if not this long.  The tattoo…  I thought it looked cool and figured in terms of a plot device, I could say it’s a visible, magical manifestation of her Fae heritage.

Now as for the costume itself…  I have two mask options here:



I’m torn on this one.  The butterfly mask is a bit more mysterious and can be rationalized as representing her Fae heritage also.  The other mask feels less… busy, but it’s also kind of plain.

And here’s a look at the whole outfit.  Not much has changed beyond what you’ve seen.


Oh and a quick look at her in some civies (street clothes) also:


So I’m curious what everyone thinks.  Is the new look better than the first attempt?  Which mask is better or should she go without?  Does the more wavy hair work, and how about the way it frames her face now.  The “bangs” were what I struggled with most trying to get something that felt right.

Constructive but honest criticism only please. 🙂

Witchfire New Costume

I spent all last night fooling around with 3d modeling software and got a new look for Witchfire.  Most of you following the blog already know this as I also did some half and completely undressed screenshots as well.  That was SUPPOSED to go onto a separate page so that it DIDN’T go out to followers, especially those who might be offended by such images.  Leave it to WordPress to decide it knows better than me if that should be a page not a post though.  *headdesk*

All I can say there is I’m sincerely sorry folks.  I was attempting to do the opposite of what happened and then I had intended to put a link in this post so that people who were curious could look.

Anyway…  Here’s the actual new costume:

I designed it to be a tiny bit more modest than the Morrigan statue that I was using as a rough guide, but still sexy enough for adult stories.  She’s unique now and I’m happy about that much.  A few changes happened along the creation path also.  She now has bluish green eyes and her hair is significantly longer than before, going all the way to her tush.  I chose a hair style that was relatively simple though, as Krystal isn’t the type to spend all day on her hair.

In a few minutes I intend to edit in proper pages for better looks at the costume and correct my goof from a few minutes ago.  Links are as follows:

Witchfire’s New Costume  (PG rated)

Witchfire Out of Costume (NSFW, 18+ ONLY)