Erotica, Porn & Stereotypes

I got into an interesting “debate” earlier today about the evils of Porn. I say debate with quotes because it went the way many internet discussions go, with the other side refusing to listen to anything that diverged from their own particular view that everything “adult” was evil and degrading to women.

I do NOT want to get into the pattern or appearance of defending what’s wrong with the adult entertainment industry. My sole objection in the earlier debate elsewhere was that EVERY woman was a sex slave and that every adult video out there is degrading to women. Jenna Jameson made a fortune in the porn industry. 1993’s “Cabin Fever” was made by women for women.

I guess my questions / conversation starters are:

  1. How do we make these more the rule than the exception?
  2. How do we separate erotica from hardcore hentai and porn?
  3. How do we help men, especially younger men, see that porn is a FANTASY and not the real world?
  4. Is it even possible to convince some people that sex isn’t evil?

A couple of things before we dive into discussion:

First, once again, I’m not defending sex trafficking, use of under age performers, and such. These things should be stamped out, period.

Second, I’m not talking in point number one about making all porn into romance novels (which is kind of what Cabin Fever was). I’m talking about making it passionate and appealing to both sexes.

Lastly, I’m working from the assumption that censorship and outlawing any sort of adult video is only going to drive the industry underground and make it harder to monitor. Much the same way prohibition did with booze and the recent COVID related censorship did with alternative views and questioning the government.

I actually do have some ideas for all four questions above. I want to see what readers have to say first however. 😉