English Lesson of the Day

Grammar and sentence structure matters.  When you don’t pay attention to it, wildly inappropriate messages can result.  😀

Just Wrong

Yes, that is an absolutely real part of a Hawaiian tour company’s website with various tour packages, LOL.  A small part part of me wants to be offended by what’s unintentionally implied there, BUT their wording screw up is too funny in  a twisted way.  It’s just wrong on soooo many levels.

Perhaps “BBQ and Dolphin Watch” would have been better wording?

Crush ‘Em

Well, 4pm local time has rolled around, and the blog’s daily stats have reset.  Odd time for it, and the spiritual blog resets at a different time.  I *think* it’s the hour your blog first goes live that determines it’s reset.

Anyway…  I did NOT break that viewing record yesterday, BUT we crashed both the daily views and likes today:

148 views today.  Previous best was 118

94 likes today.  Previous best was 68

I tied my best day for unique visitors at 69

Oh, and I passed the 1000 likes mark today also.    *happy dance*

Crush Em