New Character Biographies Posted

I’ve been working on a handful of character biographies for my Witchfire stories. First, I started with Witchfire herself, and cleaned up some of her weaknesses and powers. Subtle but it’s there. I also changed her top back to a corset after finding one in the character builder that I liked, and cleaned up her hair. I liked the idea of wavy hair for her, but the pieces I put together for her last style just didn’t blend together smoothly at all.

The new look is simple, clean and comfortable, although I do still wish I could have gotten a bit of a wavy look to it. The new look follows my belief that keeping things simple is usually better though. Speaking of which; here’s her new costume:

The corset should be easier to get in and out of. Important in naughty stories. 😉

Aside from Witchfire, I did biographies for three characters created at (where all this madness started, lol). Witchfire’s girlfriend Amazing Babe has a biography now, and I expanded upon the existing mini-biographies for Mister X’s characters Omega Woman and Battle Sprite.

For Amazing Babe and Omega Woman, I used pictures from DangerBabeCentral to show their costumes, then created some renders for their street clothes and less.

Battle Sprite was a one story character who only appeared for a few panels at DBC. I decided to challenge myself to make her into a more legitimate character. See for yourselves how it worked.

Note also that all the biographies have an intimate details section at the bottom. The measurements are because I write for men and women. The rest is notes for me to help keep each character unique when I get to the kinky parts. Readers can use the info to get a little better understanding of each character.

Tomorrow, since I’m getting close to publishing again, I’ll talk about the concept and goal behind the Witchfire series, and a tiny bit about where it’s going.

Who Did It Better?

OK,so it’s been forever since I posted here. Those following my other blog already know I’m up to my neck in real life stuff and probably will be for a few more weeks at the least. It sucks because I really want to get back to creative writing. Stress is never good for inspiring one’s erotic muse though.

For the moment though, I decided to play around with my character creation program and whip up a version of Mister X’s character Thorny Rose. She’s a classic whip cracking dominatrix and has been used in a couple of his stories at Danger Babe Central.

I’m not presuming to supplant his work or pirate his character. Just seeing what I could do. First, here’s Mister X’s version:

And here’s what I came up with using the costume pieces that were available, etc…

I’m biased, but I like my version better. 😀

New Character Profiles!

I spent part of the evening last night creating two new character profiles here at the new erotica blog. Both characters are Deanna Troi’s creations that I’ve borrowed for my Witchfire serial. Both profiles have biographies along with dressed and nude pictures. I give you Nancy Peye:

And the incomparibly evil Golden Qilin:

Witchfire’s Inspiration

It’s said every character’s creation was inspired by something or (more usually) someone. Witchfire is no exception. Meet Playboy’s Miss Aprl 2002; Heather Carolin.

Pretty much the epitome of the sultry redhead. I’ve had more than one friend who said they’d turn lesbian for her, LOL

Yes, she’s the feature model in the header photo here also.

For a better look at her, see Heather’s page in the Witchfire section.

Interview with Witchfire

This seems to be a small trend; letting characters take over the writer’s blog or doing interviews.  Given that Krystal is every bit a fiery redhead, I’m choosing to play it safe and just interview her, lol.

Warning: This will be PG-13 with some talk about sex.


Me: OK, Witchfire and I have already agreed to put aside the metaphysical debate about how much I may be controlling her life and how much is me watching and reporting.  This is going to be strictly about the lady in question and her trials.  So with that said, let’s start out with something easy; what was life like for you before Delta City?  

Witchfire: Overall, not too bad.  Roanoke is sort of a small town… Not quite 100,000 people.  Between that and being in the mountains of Virginia, it’s a fairly conservative place.  It was a bit awkward once my aptitude for magick started to surface.

Me: Did you get picked on alot?

Witchfire: A little…  I just knew instinctively to keep it a secret that I could sense things and do stuff.  That kind of ability tends to get noticed though on some intuitive level.  There were no “burn the witch” events, but there were a few mean girls that picked on me for being “weird” and different.

Me: So, when did all that start?

Witchfire: I first started being able to “know” things about 7 or 8.  My abilities didn’t start to truly bloom till I was 12 though.  Then weird things started happening around me at random and the bullying started.  Shortly after that, my parents moved us away from Roanoke to San Francisco.

Me: And How did that go for you?

Witchfire: OK, I suppose…  Adjusting to a bigger city was hard at first.  My parents thought I’d get less grief for being unusual in a bigger town.  Mean girls are the same everywhere though.  When I was 14, I met a group of girls that were into Wicca and I joined their coven.  Things started to get better at that point.  I felt more in control of my abilities and all the weird random stuff stopped happening around me.

Me: I’m curious.  Was there any indication that either of your parents had any magical aptitude?  We now know that some of your ability is hereditary after all.

Witchfire:  Nothing was ever said publicly but I suspect my mom was at least a little intuitive.  Overall though, they either hid everything very well, or the gift skipped a generation as sometimes happens.

Me: You mentioned in the first chapter that the mean girls were part of why you didn’t like Ms. Americana and the She-Legion at first.  Care to elaborate on that?

Witchfire: …They were mean and had a serious superior attitude. I wasn’t about to take that from girls who spent most of their time on their back.

Me:  How do you feel about them now?

Witchfire:  They’re… Growing on me.  As I see more of how the deck has been stacked against them all along, I can empathize with their plight.  I’m hoping we can win the day in the end.  Not just so I can go home either.

Me: What about a certain busty Jessica Simpson look alike?

Witchfire: You had to bring up Amazing Babe, didn’t you?  <long pause>  It’s hard.  I… love her.  We’ve struggled so much though…  Miscommunication, fights over stupid shit.  After what just happened also, I don’t…

Me: <Interrupting> No spoilers.  That hasn’t been released yet.

Witchfire:  Fine.  I didn’t want to talk about it anyway.  I… just think it’s best I stay away from her for everyone’s sake.

Me: It seems like you’ve had a pretty rough love life, with the Chinese boyfriend and all…

Witchfire:  That part sucked.  Most of it was just typical clumsy, angsty teen stuff though.  I lost my virginity at 15 to a boy from my history class.  Normal awkward first time stuff for modern kids, for better or worse.

Me: Interesting wording there at the end.  It seems out of place with the sensual witch readers have come to know.

Witchfire:  I’m a redhead and the type of fairy I’m descended from has a very passionate, sexual nature as well.  Truth?  I love sex and an intense orgasm even more than magick.  I still like to be selective in who I share my body with though.  And yes, I wish I’d waited a little longer for my first time.  I think I would have been better able to emotionally handle it.

Me: Fair enough.  So when did your interest in other girls kick in?  Was it the stereotypical other witch in your coven thing?

Witchfire:  No.  Gawd that is such a tired cliche, almost as bad as witches all being satanists instead of pagans.  Wicca may tend to attract lesbians and bisexual women like me, but we’re not all lesbians, nor are gatherings an excuse for an orgy.

Me: Fair enough.  The question did give you a chance to clear the air though.  So back to the earlier question then…

Witchfire:  I think I knew as soon as puberty started to hit that I felt drawn to other girls too.  Being from such a conservative town though, I buried that curiosity until I was 16.  Things just sort of happened at that point with a girl I’d met.  It was an amazing first experience, but her family found out.  They freaked out and did all they could to keep us apart.  They even moved away months later.

Me: This may be a bit rough to answer, but where does the infamous Chinese boyfriend fit into everything and how much can you tell the audience about him?

Witchfire: David came along right after the forced split with Amber… the girl I just mentioned.  His family had just moved into the neighborhoo.  He was tall, muscular, really cute… and caught me on the rebound.  It was fun at first.  He taught me Cantonese, helped with my Wing Chun, and shared other aspects of the culture as well as showering me with attention.

As time went on though, he became more controlling.  His parents, who tolerated me at first, grew increasingly cruel also.  I guess it was OK if I was just a passing fancy, but they didn’t want any gweilo getting her hooks into their number one son.  Things came to a head when I demanded he stand up to his parents or I’d leave him.  He told me I belonged to him and that I needed to learn my place, then… he raped me.

Me: Wow, I’m sorry.  It shows alot of strength to have bounced back from that.

Witchfire: It was that or just give up on life.  I’m a fighter.  That’s what pissed me off about Golden Qilin though.  She was a similar bad refection on a good race of people.

Me: I think folks have a pretty good idea of the events that shaped your life now.  Likewise, I assume that college was an attempt to spread your wings.  Possibly the usual college sexual explorations too…

Witchfire:  Yep.  Again, I’m pretty typical in that regard.  Not every superhero has Earth shattering events in their background.  The closest thing to any excitement was when I turned 21, I started tending bar at a local beach side place to make some spending money.  That helped me get the job inn Sanctuary, I guess.

Me: You’re still 21…  Almost 22 though, so not long at that job.

Witchfire: Long enough to learn the ropes, and have an occasional bit of fun along the way.

Me: From the smirk on your face, I doubt I’m going to get you to elaborate.  This is becoming a long interview anyway.  Hopefully the readers appreciate it though.  So, let’s move on.  I’d ask what Delta City has been like for you, but I think our readers know you’ve had a pretty rough time.  You’ve shown alot of strength and determination too.  Are you optimistic at this point about your ability to change things in Delta for the better?

Witchfire:  I think we’ve made some real progress at unmasking the conspiracy.  Between that and the upcoming time jump, I’m feeling really good about our chances.  Going back with that knowledge should help loads.  I doubt it’ll be a cakewalk.  Whoever these people are, they’re well trained, well connected and well informed.  We’ll have a good chance now though.

Me: So, you plan on changing it all thus far?

Witchfire: As much as I can.  No more She-Legion drugged into treating me like crap, and there’s no way that damned giant plant or Ivanova are getting anywhere near my vajayjay again, period.

Me: You left The Geek out.  Should I read anything into that?

Witchfire: Only that a small part of me would like a rematch so I can show him who owns who before I break his nose and take him to prison.  I doubt I could live with myself afterwards though

Me: Hmmm.  You seem pretty upset about him getting the better of you early on.

Witchfire:  What the hell do you mean by that?

Me: Well, let’s face it…  The plant had aphrodisiac spores.  Ivanova had his vampire mind and sex tricks.  How you reacted there is explainable.  The Geek is just a smart punk.  He had your number without any powers or funky spores.  Are you just mad that he beat you or is the fact he was able to push some dark buttons in you what bothers you?

Witchfire:  My submissive streak?  Is that what you’re hinting at?  Pffft.  It’s a minor kink.  Getting controlled does excite me… with the right person, but I decide who that is and if I let myself go.  He… just got lucky.  It was some kind of freak occurrence that he was able to make me cum like that!  No way in hell it could or will ever happen again either.  Period.

Me: OK, ok… point made.  Let’s move things along.  What was your best positive sexual experience in Delta City?

Witchfire: Keeping up with the kink huh?

Me: Well, it is an erotica story and you do get laid pretty regularly…  Somebody has to have really wowed you…

Witchfire:  Hmmm…  I guess that would have to be when Dani grabbed my astral form and pulled me into her body while she was having sex with Berto.  Experiencing everything she did at the same time I was feeling it from my own body too…  It was pure sexual lightning.  I was on overload.

Me: Sounds intense alright.  Is that what prompted you to grab Berto later for some play time?

Witchfire: That and the hungry looks he kept giving me.  He wanted it more than I did, and I could feel it.  It was exciting.

Me: So, would you do things differently at this point?  You did say you’d change as much as possible after all.

Witchfire: I do regret that the bet hurt Dani.  She really didn’t think he’d stray.  At the same time, she did tempt fate though.  Never make a bet you’re not prepared to lose.  I know… I sound heartless there.  Yes, I’d probably do that part differently.  I’d work on getting Dani to experience the pleasures of some girl on girl fun also.  I let her off the hook too easily last time.

Me: Any other planned conquests?

Witchfire: I really want to get Omega Woman into bed, still.  Even if it’s only once.  Every time I look at her I start getting wet and an erotic shiver runs through me.

Me: Is that it?

Witchfire: I think that’s enough for the interview anyway.  I’m worried we’re going to start blurring the lines between a powerful libido and being loose.  I admit I’m wild, but I don’t want your audience thinking I’m a total slut.

Me: OK then, feel like sticking around to answer some questions from the readers?

Witchfire: Alright, so long as it’s not more questions about who I want to get laid by.

Nailed It!

I finally found the mask I wanted to add to Witchfire’s portrait.  Anyone who has read her stories will recall I put her in a Mardi Gras or Carnival type mask to hide her identity.  Now her portrait has pretty close to what I wanted, except for the ability to recolor the mask.

Witchfire Final Portrait.png

I also redid her bangs to better frame the mask, gave her darker lipstick, and figured out why I was getting an anime vie from her.  She had WAY wide open anime style eyes.  I fixed that and gave her some moderate eye shadow to make her look a bit less cartoony and more like a 21 year old woman.

Witchfire Unmasked Portrait.png

That’s about as realistic as I’m going to get her with this kind of editor, and NOW I’m happy.  😀

Witchfire Costume Round 2

NO NUDITY this time

I wasn’t in the mood to write last night, AND a friend’s reaction to Witchfire’s new costume was “Not bad for a first attempt”.  That prompted a moderate redesign of her look.  Body wise, she now has a large tribal tattoo and longer hair.  I admit, I was worried about her turning into a stereotypical anime waifu, but let’s face it, nice hair is sexy, and being in her early 20s, Witchfire IS going to be worried to a degree about looking good.



Her hair is mean to look more flowy and a little curly (wavy) which is how I always envisioned it, even if not this long.  The tattoo…  I thought it looked cool and figured in terms of a plot device, I could say it’s a visible, magical manifestation of her Fae heritage.

Now as for the costume itself…  I have two mask options here:



I’m torn on this one.  The butterfly mask is a bit more mysterious and can be rationalized as representing her Fae heritage also.  The other mask feels less… busy, but it’s also kind of plain.

And here’s a look at the whole outfit.  Not much has changed beyond what you’ve seen.


Oh and a quick look at her in some civies (street clothes) also:


So I’m curious what everyone thinks.  Is the new look better than the first attempt?  Which mask is better or should she go without?  Does the more wavy hair work, and how about the way it frames her face now.  The “bangs” were what I struggled with most trying to get something that felt right.

Constructive but honest criticism only please. 🙂

Witchfire New Costume

I spent all last night fooling around with 3d modeling software and got a new look for Witchfire.  Most of you following the blog already know this as I also did some half and completely undressed screenshots as well.  That was SUPPOSED to go onto a separate page so that it DIDN’T go out to followers, especially those who might be offended by such images.  Leave it to WordPress to decide it knows better than me if that should be a page not a post though.  *headdesk*

All I can say there is I’m sincerely sorry folks.  I was attempting to do the opposite of what happened and then I had intended to put a link in this post so that people who were curious could look.

Anyway…  Here’s the actual new costume:

I designed it to be a tiny bit more modest than the Morrigan statue that I was using as a rough guide, but still sexy enough for adult stories.  She’s unique now and I’m happy about that much.  A few changes happened along the creation path also.  She now has bluish green eyes and her hair is significantly longer than before, going all the way to her tush.  I chose a hair style that was relatively simple though, as Krystal isn’t the type to spend all day on her hair.

In a few minutes I intend to edit in proper pages for better looks at the costume and correct my goof from a few minutes ago.  Links are as follows:

Witchfire’s New Costume  (PG rated)

Witchfire Out of Costume (NSFW, 18+ ONLY)

The Once and Future Witchfire

I’m working at getting life back on track and being able to get into a writing routine again.  As the headline indicates, I haven’t forgotten Witchfire as part of that writing.

Looking over my story this far, I’m mostly happy with it.  I see enough hastily put together sentences with poor structure, and points in the story where stress took me off my intended path, that I’m torn on what to do with the stories.

A small part of me would like to just reboot from scratch and see what I can do better.  That kind of feels like reinventing the wheel however.

The second option is to simply move forward, and do better.  That in and of itself has some merit as a writing challenge or exercise.

A third option would be to split the difference, have Witchfire sent back in time, and see how much of the existing past she can actually correct before we catch back up to the present.  That’s all I want to say about option 3, as anything more would amount to spoilers.  There’s potential for exciting plot twists there however.

So, what do you my readers think?

A Few More Creations

So since I’m officially post whoring now…  Here’s a few more pictures of characters put together from the Champions character creator:


First…  An OLD character that was actually part of the inspiration for Witchfire.  Her name is Eldrictch, AKA Becky Carsen.  She’s a half elf mage and used to tend bar at Club Caprice in Champions Online.  It was a fun way to get to talk to other players without committing to major projects.


Her costume displays some of my dislike for the costume creator.  Pieces like her magical bracers were sized to fit male characters and never scaled down for women.  The belt and necklace are huge also.


Next up is a failed attempt at recreating Witchfire herself.  I much prefer the Morrigan statue that I have pictured in her story section.  It’s a near perfect representation.  This…  Well I thought people would find it interesting if nothing else:



Next, I actually did get a good representation of my tongue in cheek Dr Strange clone in the Witchfire stories.  I give you the infamous Dr Steven Weird:

Dr Weird Front


Last but hardly least, a special treat.  Jennifer Saunders, AKA Liberty Gold in the game.  She will actually be the star of the first non-erotica book I’m writing.  Probably with a hero name change though.

Liberty Gold