Yes, I’m back. Real life had gotten kind of hectic. Some of that is detailed in the other, vanilla blog. That specific link will take you to my most recent post there, where I complain about feeling I can’t be myself or say what I want as a blogger. Read it if you want, if Not I understand. Be forewarned though; it is a classic redhead rant, lol.

What I’d like to dialog here about though is a calmer continuation of that whole mess as relates to sexy blogging. I have two main stumbling blocks when it comes to posting here or getting anything “adult” written.

First, as I mentioned in the other blog, there’s the worry of being judged and labeled. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you deal with erotica and similar topics, you’re either a whore or a male pig. You’d think being a redhead, I wouldn’t give a F what others think, BUT like most stereotypes, that’s all it really is. I have a fairly strong spiritual side and am an honest to goodness empath too. That last part in particular makes it hard to tune out the crap sometimes.

Second is a problem even “regular” writers face; I have to REALLY be inspired to write. In the case of erotica, that’s in the mood and able to visualize the scene almost enough that I could almost see it as I’m writing.

That second part is the bigger stumbling block by far. Those of you out there who actually find the creativity to turn out high quality stuff regularly, I’m truly jealous of.

So who has any advice? How do you turn off the worry and find inspiration? I’ve had several ideas for ages, I just haven’t been able to get them off the ground.

3 thoughts on “Alive!

  1. I don’t know…!! But I was given some good advice from a blogger when I started that doing things in advance, being organised and scheduling take the pressure off. So I have my “regular” features which do not take too much emotional energy out of me. They include Tuesday’s “Sex Sells” series, Thursday’s “Singing Sex” series and Song Lyric Sunday. Then I try to write a post for the theme for Wicked Wednesday each week, and two a month for 4 Thoughts Or Fiction. The rest of my posts are a more random mix of personal updates, poems and fiction. But I do try to do things in advance, so that I don’t feel pressured. I need to feel relaxed to enjoy writing for my blog.

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    • Maybe mindset and POV are part of the problem. Anything sex related should be fun, but I feel this need to write SOMETHING to the point it feels more like work, which needless to say takes the magic out of it.


  2. Like I’ve said on my blog, I write Erotica, dabble in Erotic images and my stories have explicit sexual content. If that offends you, don’t open the page and don’t read! Simple enough? Some folks make it their hobby to nitpick, criticize and judge. Fair enough…if fair warning was given of the content, then those belly-achers have given up their right to judge and criticize!


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