Regrouping One More Time…

Just an update on things. I was too tired to write it twice. 🙂

I’ll be back to playing catch up tomorrow (well, later today).

Silk Chatters

Yes, I’m still alive. You’d never know it from my blogging activity though. With everything going on around here, it was better for me to keep a low profile instead of risking angry ranting posts or replies. So yeah… It’s been a hell of a week plus.

Long story short; the neighbors are acting worse than ever. Even after 30 good recordings of them trampling around upstairs like Bubba the Barbarian and his pet dinosaur Ugg, neither the apartment management nor the police will do anything about the noise issue. In the meantime, the poor quality sleep (tossing and turning) is undoing all the spinal rehab work I had done. I’m trying to double and triple down on the physical therapy to offset it. The return of the pain has only made my mood worse too.

Then, just to add injury to insult, the complex’s main entry gate malfunctioned…

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