Celebrities, Labels and Other Nonsense

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I just finished reading yet another article about another celebrity identifying as this label vs that label. It’s a pair of pet peeves of mine also, sooooo time for a rant… or two mini rants.


Is the public EVER going to face the cold, hard reality that being an actor, singer or model does NOT make one a rocket scientist?

Quite the contrary in most cases. Dedication to their craft means they haven’t spent much time at all studying physics, critical thinking, etc… In fact, Brian May of Queen fame is the only legitimate rocket scientist (astrophysicist to be specific) that I know of in the category of celebrity performers.

In my observation, the less a celebrity knows, the more likely they are to loudly voice an opinion on everything too.  I’d say it comes from a deep-seated psychological insecurity from knowing they contribute little to society beyond an…

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2 thoughts on “Celebrities, Labels and Other Nonsense

  1. I wouldn’t take advice from celebrities unless they have the credentials in terms of degrees, education, life experience etc. in a particular area. On the other hand, they do have the right to express their opinions the same as the millions of “ordinary” folks on social media who also have no expertise and yet espouse ridiculous opinions on vaccines, the shape of the earth and anything to do with qanon. One important exception to the celebrity rule on not taking their advice or heeding their opinion is when it comes to certain social issues such as the black lives matter movement. For such issues, celebrities speaking out can shine a light on issues that are often ignored. I have not liked some of the backlash against black athletes and others who support them by people who say “just shut up and entertain us”.

    I am not that keen on labels, but sometimes they can help to define and unite a community. Maybe it is ok if a community takes on a label for themselves as opposed to having it thrust on them? People seem to have the right to be called what they want. FYI I have a disability or handicap or whatever as I am blind / visually impaired. I am not real thrilled with any of those labels, but they are often a necessity for negotiating the world. For example if I have to pone customer service and they want me to read a customer number from the bill I am having an issue with, I have to accept some kind of label to explain why I can’t do that simple thing. Actually, I hate the disability or handicap more than the label!

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    • Completely understood about hating the condition. As I’ve said before, I’m not sure I could cope at all if I were in your boat.

      The trouble with labels today though is that people are letting the label define and control them instead of the other way around. They’ve become identities instead of identifiers.


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