Need Some Reader Input

It’s been a while. For those who don’t follow my other blog (the PG rated one), I’ve been battling through some long term spinal issues, and finally got decompression treatments to try to restore my neck and back.

Excuses aside, I have been working on the next chapter in my “Witchfire” series. I’ve been stuck for a while at 8 pages (in Word) into the story though.

I finally had a breakthough and realized the issue. I was unhappy with the pace of the story.

I’m curious what readers here think though… Does the series move too slowly for you? Am I working in too many explanations into conversations instead of just getting to the fights and the kinky stuff?

It’s a tough line to walk; trying to create a real story out of porn, especially when it’s superheroine exploitation themed. If I can turn that into something readable though, I’m ready to write something I can publish