Witchfire 11 is LIVE at Last!

That’s right. It’s been months, but she’s finally back. This chapter is the first of two leading into the time travel pseudo-reboot that I’ve been discussing here.

I also have a special treat for readers. I let ComixFana co-author this chapter with me. ComixFana wrote the sex scene for this one as well as collaborating the reactions of his character “Sully” in the rest of the story. His input was invaluable in finishing up this chapter and getting me working on the series again.

And here’s your link:

Witchfire, Pt 11 – Double Trouble

No naughty pictures, but the writing is definitely NSFW. 😀

Has Sully finally taken on a mission he can’t handle?

Just how powerful and well connected is the conspiracy organizing the villains?

Is Witchfire a peeping Tom… err Krystal?

Tune in and find out!

6 thoughts on “Witchfire 11 is LIVE at Last!

  1. What a nice surprise to find waiting after doing supper dishes.

    A very good step towards getting the series back on track. The compromised HQ plot helps to smooth things over between Witchfire and the She Legion. I think the sex scene should keep most of the DBC readers happy. It is not a degrading rape, but it has enough kink with identical twins vibe to keep them happy.

    For those who don’t read Comix Fana stories, you might have to make it a bit clearer how consensual sex charges up Ms. Americana’s power belt? That seems likely to become a staple for her in your reality. Readers are used to her getting depowered, not powered. Hmm, I wonder if she can go past 10X if she has a really really really good time. Lol

    Congratulations on getting back on that horse.

    PS: One Grammar Nazi correction. When they are discussing about going into the bedroom there is a he hand that should be her hand.

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    • There… Corrected YOUR grammar, LOL. You weren’t kidding about your speech to text software. It apparently hates an apostrophe s when it’s html code. No big deal. Easily fixed. 🙂

      The consensual sex is easy. Positive experience builds positive energy. bad experience kills spiritual energy. As for the 10x thing… IIRC she went Kaioken x100 on Jiren after that She-Legion orgy… LOL


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