Nailed It!

I finally found the mask I wanted to add to Witchfire’s portrait.  Anyone who has read her stories will recall I put her in a Mardi Gras or Carnival type mask to hide her identity.  Now her portrait has pretty close to what I wanted, except for the ability to recolor the mask.

Witchfire Final Portrait.png

I also redid her bangs to better frame the mask, gave her darker lipstick, and figured out why I was getting an anime vie from her.  She had WAY wide open anime style eyes.  I fixed that and gave her some moderate eye shadow to make her look a bit less cartoony and more like a 21 year old woman.

Witchfire Unmasked Portrait.png

That’s about as realistic as I’m going to get her with this kind of editor, and NOW I’m happy.  😀

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