The Once and Future Witchfire

I’m working at getting life back on track and being able to get into a writing routine again.  As the headline indicates, I haven’t forgotten Witchfire as part of that writing.

Looking over my story this far, I’m mostly happy with it.  I see enough hastily put together sentences with poor structure, and points in the story where stress took me off my intended path, that I’m torn on what to do with the stories.

A small part of me would like to just reboot from scratch and see what I can do better.  That kind of feels like reinventing the wheel however.

The second option is to simply move forward, and do better.  That in and of itself has some merit as a writing challenge or exercise.

A third option would be to split the difference, have Witchfire sent back in time, and see how much of the existing past she can actually correct before we catch back up to the present.  That’s all I want to say about option 3, as anything more would amount to spoilers.  There’s potential for exciting plot twists there however.

So, what do you my readers think?

5 thoughts on “The Once and Future Witchfire

  1. You could scrap and start over, but do you truly want to invest that much time? Going back and re-reading one’s work is the frustrating part of being a writer; you see mistakes that you thought were great edits at the time now not so much😞

    If you did the third option that would be interesting. Having the heroine correct her past could spark a whole other adventure.

    I believe we are truly “sisters of the pen”❤, dang we think alike Silk. I swear I’ve been thinking about this for my story. Re-reading my stuff plays on my insecurities and then I walk away from the rewrites.

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