Crush ‘Em

Well, 4pm local time has rolled around, and the blog’s daily stats have reset.  Odd time for it, and the spiritual blog resets at a different time.  I *think* it’s the hour your blog first goes live that determines it’s reset.

Anyway…  I did NOT break that viewing record yesterday, BUT we crashed both the daily views and likes today:

148 views today.  Previous best was 118

94 likes today.  Previous best was 68

I tied my best day for unique visitors at 69

Oh, and I passed the 1000 likes mark today also.    *happy dance*

Crush Em




8 thoughts on “Crush ‘Em

  1. Fantastic. It’s really weird how the stats go. I can get sudden spikes, loads of Likes, Views etc. Then suddenly it drops right back again. I never understand it. Mine had my best day recently but then it went right down again. When it goes down I wonder if my Content is wrong. I must admit I do worry about my Content a lot. I try changing certain things but it doesn’t always make much difference. In the end I guess we just write whatever we want to and not worry. Your Blog is great. Keep going. X

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