Now for Some Good News

I’ll wait in the other thing I wanted complain about.  There’s enough negativity out there already, AND I do my best to limit myself to just a few posts a day.  I think that’s easier on followers.

While I was away, I passed the 100 follower mark.  In fact, with some help from my guest post at LittleFears, I now am sitting at 114 followers. 🙂   Here’s a quick peek at my WP traffic map:

WP Map

Not bad for a blog that’s only been active since October of last year.  😀

India has been a pleasant surprise in both the number of followers I’ve picked up and the quality of their thoughts & writing.

My major stray thought / self doubt is what would happen if I went back to focusing on erotica.  The blog has drifted away from that.  Think it’s helped people see that there’s a real person behind the screen name even if I am otherwise very private.


17 thoughts on “Now for Some Good News

    • Sam here (as I mentioned). I’m enjoying those followers.

      Heck I’m enjoying all my followers. I’m grateful that I feel like I’m mattering to a few people, and while being allowed to be myself, unlike on Twitter.

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  1. Congrats on hitting the 100 mark! As for the focus of your blog, it really ought to be whatever you want to write that day. So, it might be about the cereal you had that morning, or the amazing sex you fantasise about, or both? Anyway, I think going wherever you want to in a post is a more accurate representation of who you are. Whatever you do, keep writing!

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