Nook Sucks

That headline is exactly why redheads drive people nuts; you never know where you stand with us or what our opinions are, LOL.

Joke aside, I’m beginning to see why Amazon is walking all over Barnes & (ig)Noble.  The Nook reader is a complete disaster.  The tablets are too bloody expensive and do too little.  The phone app is only a reader; you can’t buy any new books, and browsing the store is kind of lacking also.  The PC version of Nook has to be the worst yet.

That loads into the store with an option on the left to go to your library.  Oh and the library can’t be downloaded unless you have a credit card on file with Barnes & Ignoble.  That’s right, you already OWN the ebooks but you can’t access them unless you keep a credit card on file with them.

Now personally, I don’t keep a credit card on file ANYWHERE  There have been too many data breaches and identity thefts resulting from those breaches.


I am NO fan of Amazon either.  They’re bigger than the 8 biggest brick and mortar store chains combined, and control roughly 1/3 of all ecommerce.  Just try to get help when they screw something up with your account too.  BUT… I don’t have any problems accessing my books on Kindle for PC.


10 thoughts on “Nook Sucks

  1. Thank all that’s holy that I’m not the only one who shudders at the size of Amazon. I tolerate them, on the most basic level, for my Kindle reads – easier than going to the store, and takes less shelf space. Still…
    Remember, with every Nook, they throw a cranny in.

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  2. I have a nook that I bought as a gift for someone years ago. She never used it, so I took it over, but I’ve never loaded anything onto it.
    I had the nook and kindle apps on my iPad, and never had any trouble with either app, except when nook did away with nook video and I lost all of the videos I ever bought. They just said, sorry, you lose.
    I have a Kindle now and love it. I also just acquired a Galaxy Tab A, and am loving it, too, except that I can’t figure out how to find apps on the thing.

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