Back Among the Living

Wow, did the blog traffic drop off while  I was gone, LOL.  *Posts meme of Maximus asking if you were not entertained*  😀

Humor aside, I’m overjoyed at how fast the blog here has grown.  I know there are writers out there with many times more readers, but getting to 60 subscribers and roughly 100 page views a day in so short a time is amazing.  Thanks all.

So, yes… I was gone nearly 18 hours.  We went up to say good bye to my step father.  He’d been on his death bed for almost a week, after a really nasty fall.  He died while we were en route.  So, the rest of the day (evening) ended up being comforting my mom and some family drama that I’ll skip on here.  Maybe the spiritual blog…

Now, I’m back, catching up on posts and trying to distract myself.

13 thoughts on “Back Among the Living

  1. Only known you since yesterday lol…but I just wanted to say I’ve read a couple of your posts and I’ll be reading more for SURE.
    So sorry about your step dad.
    Writing and reading here in this little corner of the blog world is a great distraction from all sorts.
    Take care

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  2. *hugs to you and your family* That’s a really rough thing to be dealing with. It feels like it should be “over” when the person leaves us, but there’s always so many details afterwards. Getting into the grief process is hard when you’re trying to figure out paperwork and what not. Which is not in any way meant to minimize the pain that your family is feeling now. What U;m very clumsily trying to say is – I’m sorry you and your family are hurting. Grieve as best works for each of you, in your own personal way. Don’t tolerate anyone saying “Aren’t you over that by now.” And know, if you need an ear – I have two. Peace.


  3. I’m taking it better than the rest of my family. I’ve never been close with any of them because of my very rocky childhood and young adulthood. The dynamics there and lessons from them are probably best left to the spiritual blog. It’s a shame though because while my first step dad was a violent drunk, the second one turned out to be one of the good ones.


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