The Joys of Being an Empath

Before I start, we need to establish definitions.  Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of others.  That means you’re still alive inside and can understand that a situation would make a person sad, angry, etc…  You’re aware that there are reasons for a person’s mood or actions and care about it.  Being an empath, on the other hand, means that you can literally pick up and FEEL the emotions of other people.

Spiritual gifts are something I rarely discuss.  When I do, it’s only in the most general of terms.  Why?  Society has been rejecting them since time immemorial.  If you DO talk about them, you’re crazy, or some sort of devil worshiper.  I had my own father try to have me committed when I was about 20 when he found a letter to a friend discussing empathy and that I was seeing alot of odd shadows out of the corner of my eye at the time.

So what’s driving me to open up today after such experiences?  First, I’ve been really trying to get back in touch with my spiritual side after shutting it down for years.  There’s also a slowly growing acceptance of the idea of empathic ability anymore.  This article in The Atlantic for example:

It explores the researched idea that some people seem to project emotions.  There are also writers like Dr Judith Orloff, a UCLA Psychiatrist that has been writing on Empathy for decades.  Other writers are following suite.

The other half of it is that Twitter is driving me crazy with it’s steady stream of toxic bullshit.  Yes, I’m in a mood tonight.  Yes, when somebody puts something as strong as blind hate into something on the internet, that hate becomes tangible to somebody like me.  It creeps into our system and poisons our own mood.  Imagine literally absorbing and feeling the hate of every single “the other side needs to go die in a fire” tweet you see.  It’s a miserable experience.  It makes you feel like THIS:

So when I say in my “Be the Light” post that people addicted to outrage are making the world a darker place, I’m speaking as a person who is very familiar with emotional energy and energetic vibration.  Hate, no matter how righteous you THINK it is, lowers the vibration of the spiritual energy in the people and areas exposed to it.

How strong an empath am I personally?  When I lived in Georgia, I had a friend that lived in Perth Australia.  I could tell when she was having a bad day  or was sick and knew before I even hopped online to talk to her.  Literally half a world away.

I’m personally beginning to think Twitter is a lost cause also.  It’s a cesspool of negative emotional energy.  For emapths, everything in life comes down to “Am I getting more positive energy out of this than negative BS?”  It’s a survival technique since we can only filter or shield out so much.

Maybe I’ll go into this further in a separate blog if there’s any interest.  Tonight I just needed to rant.


9 thoughts on “The Joys of Being an Empath

  1. 👏👏👏👏👏

    Just picking up on Twitter, true, many negative thoughts and a lot of mean people hiding there…
    But there are a few gems, like yourself 😊

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    • Damn, my first try at posting here and I feel like a negative cynic. I just am not much for the spiritual side of things. I am a very lapsed Catholic and can’t say I have any faith left. Since Halloween, 2013 my brother was kit by a car and isnow in a care home unable to feed himself. My mother got Alzheimers which required her hospitalization and then ironically if that is the right term was in the same care home as my brother. We had to close the family business which had ran all my life. I went blind and had to quit my job and now am more or less useless. Then we sold the family house which my parents built right after being married. Kind of hard to believe in any god after that. You might say religion and spirituality are not the same thing. I tend to view people who say that as wanting to eat their chocolate cake but denying there are any calories in it. Humans have gone in for religion and spirituality largely out of a fear of death and ending. I can kind of vouch for that as I get older and see that end of things getting closer. Maybe what makes me sad or mad about that is it is feeling like I am leaving a story in the middle. What will happen with climate change? Will we ever discover life on other planets? So many other questions I will never know the answer to.


  2. Facebook was toxic also. I left it due to privacy issues though. It’s heartening to see even a few people relating to what I wrote. I kept my spiritual side buried for so long for fear of being labeled a lunatic (thanks, dad).


  3. It wasn’t until I worked in a call center that being an empath (or as a friend’s mother put it, “too psychic for my own good”) that I really connected the dots. My family has always been into the mystical; especially if person A could claim more sensitivity than Person B. Something I avoided. It’s hell being around a group of negatively charged people, and it pushed me into a very dark place.
    I understand knowing when someone you care about is on your wavelength. I know better about setting boundaries and sticking to my guns when it comes to those boundaries. This is another terrific post, and I’m delighted you’ll be writing more along these lines.

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    • BLARG! Call Centers are one of my worst nightmares. During the height of the recession, I was forced to take a job as a debt collector in a call center. It made Twiter look like a Buddhist retreat. In a company where 90% only last 2 or 3 months, I hung in there for 13 months, suffering abuse from people I was calling and even more from the management. I even got in trouble for using compassion and empathy to get people to pay. I will live on the streets and eat out of garbage cans before I do that again.

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      • Agreed – on so many levels. It was the most hellish place I could imagine, due to the fact that setting my boundaries wasn’t allowed. I had a lot fewer issues working in health care; I could relate and be compassionate about people’s pain and fear, without it seeming illogical or abusive. I think call centers may be the wormholes into a very bad place.

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